Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm taking a break?!

Today mode: Tired and restless
So, tonight, I wish I could go to bed earlier.

My petals blooming at last. Actually, the petals has been ready for quite sometimes before I'm decided to patch it to this sling bag. The reddish fabric for the petals I bought from Pondok Craft together with the bright yellow sunny fabric. More info about this sling bag? Please refer here.

Okay, I think it's enough for today. Since last night, when my father told us, "tok dah tak ada", a lot of thing have to be done and I'm getting restless. But Alhamdulillah, everything just going so smooth and I taking a break. No sewing project for tonight!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

September is going to be end, October will be coming soon. The time passing by so fast, Nuriel is going to be 5 years old next month. Recently, I'm so busy with all new project at the office. I wish I could have more time to spend with her and my Nina of course. While waiting for little princess to wake-up this morning, I'm workout on my new sling bag, it's doesn't complete yet. I just put on the petals there and this is how i think it will look as.

I've promised to her, we will going for a simple and short picnic at Botanical Garden. So, she slept early last night to make sure she will wake-up early today. Actually, I'm having a site visit at Waterfall and I'm taking this opportunity to bring her along. She was very happy, enjoy herself there. Jogging around, share her food with monkeys and eat ice-cream! happy she is:

'I'm ready mama......hehehehe.....I want to bring along this bottle with me.....'

Only junk food....Doesn't have enough time to prepare nasi lemak.

Running around. She called it as 'jogging'.


Take a break

Buy Ice-cream

Tired.....prepare to go home.....bye

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Flying heart.....(",)

My mode now: Sleepy+tired.

The whole morning at 'Polyurea' Seminar and then went for Open House and meeting. But tonight, I'm still at home with my Nina to complete few project and now up-dating blog and facebooking. more rambling, just glance a while at my new pouch which I'm name it as 'Flying Heart Pouch'. I'm really addicted to cotton linen. And can u notice something else, I'm addicted to pink color too isn't? hehehe....

Using the strawberry printed cotton for the interior of pouch. Give a yuummmyyy looks.....

Too full.....the pouch pretty stand.

The flat looks.....hehehehe...empty actualy....combine printed cotton linen and natural cotton linen....lalalala.....and felt applique.....and drawstring......

And label at the back together the stamp:this item is originally handmade by me!....ghegheghe

Due to tiredness and sleepiness, I have to go and u come....:) usual, I would like to remind that my Giveaway is still ongoing....come and join....:)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I've complete my 'Bunny Bag'

Nothing much to share.....a moment ago, I've complete my latest design of 'Bunny Bag'. Actually, this is only a simple tote bag with the bunny pocket at the front of the bag. More info about this bag, please refer to my gallery. Can't wait for weekend. I wish I could have more fun this weekend with my princess.....might be going for picnic? Hmmm....but working with my Nina is a must....may be for more 'Bunny Bag' to coming....

Okay for your info, my Give away still going on....please have a visit here and join....:)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tissue Holder

As I've mention before, I've completed few project but doesn't have enough time to upload the photo here. Today, I'm uploading one of my completed tissue holder project. Me, using a printed cotton inside and just plain at the outside, try to matching with my handmade table runner. Finished with ribbons at every edge.

It also can be used for others purpose such as key holder or others things that around 6" x 6" in size.

This is just a simple project that can be completed in 1 hour time, or may be less. So, make one for your home too...:).

The closing date for my giveaway is still far-far away. You may have a look here to know how to join the giveaway, or just email me at

Enjoy the cheerful of childhood

Today is Sunday....Not a working day even I have to and trying to make it as a day for my family. Hmmm.....just stay at home, shopping at wet market with mom, working with 'my Nina', cooking and facebooking and blogging too. Nothing much to updated, just a simple routine for a simple family like us. However, I'm really enjoy it because not often I could enjoy cooking for family lately. Me, not only enjoy cooking and spending more time with my princess but also enjoy the cheerful of my latest completed case. Why? Because I'm using the Circle in Square Fabric design by Keiko Goke that reminded me more about my childhood. Circle and square....and crayon.....:).

More info about this case? Please go to my gallery.....and my Giveaway is still far away from the closing date, please have a visit here too.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Aktiviti surutkan fabrik=polka-dot pouch...:)

Ramadhan dah berlalu.....Aidilfitri sekarang ni. Masa Ramadhan tempoh hari memang saya jarang up-date blog ni. Kemudian, mengadap Cik Nina pun jarang-jarang. Ye la kan...balik kerja dah letih, sibuk-sibuk nak berbuka, kemudian melayan tuan puteri yang seorang tu lagi. Maka selepas 3 hari menyambut Aidilfitri, saya mula mengadap Cik Nina balik. Fabrik saya yang tersusun rapi sewaktu dekat-dekat nak menyambut Aidilfitri tu dah kembali seperti biasa. Hehehehehe......

Terbaru ini, saya ada menempah beberapa fabrik baru dari seorang kenalan. Hmmm....mungkin dalam masa tedekat ini akan dihantar kepada saya. Oleh yang demikian, saya kenalah bergiat dengan cergasnya menyurutkan fabrik sediada. Barulah boleh beli baru dan baru dan baru lagi.....:)

Okay, sebelum ini, saya adalah juga menyiapkan 2, 3 item untuk saya senaraikan di galeri saya. Tapi banyaknya saya masih belum sempat snap gambar dan up-load. Pelan-pelanlah kan. Antara yang saya dah siapkan, adalah polka-dot pouch yang mmg cinonet ni. Sangat sesuailah kalau nak dijadikan coin pouch ke, hp dan camera pun muat dalam pouch ni. Maklumat lanjut sila rujuk sini ya....:)

Selain dari pouch yang saya siapkan dah tu, saya juga nak bagitahu sebenarnya saya dah mula menggunakan label baru. Label ini saya tempah dari kucingpurple bersama dengan beberapa item lagilah. Selepas beberapa siri perbincangan, barulah label ini dapat disiapkan dan terus dihantar. Jadi saya pun terus merasmikan untuk produk-produk saya yang terkini....hmmm...

Apa pula ni....inilah gambar keseluruhan pelari meja saya atau Table Runner yang menjadi rebutan antara saya dan tuan puteri. Kuih raya rumah saya pun tak banyak, banyak kuih tunjuk-tunjuk je....Okay, pengakuan kisah benar, balang yang kononnya balang kuih tu saya beli dekat Giant je....tu pun pada hari raya ke-5 dah....hahahahaha....(bz je kan sebelum ni....). Apa-apa pun sambutannya memang ala kadar betul.....

Ini sekadar Gambar tempelan. Si Puteri bersama tok sedang tunggu atok datang menjemput...hehehehe. Tuan Puteri ni akan berusia genap 5 tahun pada 5hb Oktober ini. Saya ada buat satu giveaway sempena hari tersebut. Sila rujuk sini ya untuk maklumat lanjut...:)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

1st Giveaway by Petals Patch- OFFICIALLY CLOSED AT 12 NOON...:)

This Giveaway is OFFICIALLY CLOSED. All the winners going to be announce as soon as possible. Thank you for all the participant.

The happiness is still all around. Eid festive give me a reason for me to stay at home for a little longer. Something that I still can't believe until now, I've been a fabric crafter for almost a year!!....:), as same as my age as a blogger and this is my 101 entry.

Because sharing is caring, I would like to share my happiness with everybody interested by inviting every blogger to joint my giveaway. Beside I'm in the mode 'happy' due to Eid, Nuriel's Birthday also just around the corner. Therefore, the giveaway will start from today, 14th September till 5th October 2010.

How to join the GIVEAWAY:
1. Become a follower is not a must but you have to leave a comment to this entry
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2. Write a blog post about this giveaway
(As the conclusion, you must be a blogger to join this giveaway, any blogger, not only crafter or quilter. Please leave the link along with your comment for me to have a visit. Why? Because, I'm going to give a surprise giveaway to the most creative blog post)

3. Leave your email address along your comment for me to contact you later
(This is a MUST. If not, you will become disqualified)

That's all you need to do. How easy isn't?

You can contact me anytime via my email for more info needed:

This giveaway ends on 5th October 2010 (12 o'clock- noon) on Nuriel's Birthday.

How about the give? Come have a look:

1st giveaway is my Little Bunny Mini Tote Bag. Please have a visit here to have detail look on this item. The winner will be select by the birthday girl.

2nd giveaway is my Heavy Green Flex Pouch. Please have a visit here to have detail look on this item. The winner will be select by the birthday girl.

The surprise giveaway. Due to the surprise, the give will only announce after the closing date. The winner will be select by myself base on the most creative blog post.

Nuriel menikmati raya......

Selamat...selamat....selamat Hari Raya.......

Hehehehe.....aduhh.....naik bersawang ya blog ni beberapa hari tak menjenguk. Sebelum Hari Raya Aidilfitri yang menjelang baru-baru ini, memang kesibukannya terlampaulah sangat. Kerja-kerja di pejabat yang menimbun dan memerlukan tindakan segera, rumah yang macam tongkang pecah pun seadanya, pesanan yang belum langsai sepenuhnya........tapi ye lah, sedaya-upaya tetap cuba untuk memastikan si puteri ni menikmati hari raya sebagaimana seharusnya. Jom la layan saja gambar-gambar si Puteri ni menikmati hari raya.....:)

Yang ini yang paling tak tahan......alih2 tgk pelari mejaku telah dilarikan....bukan oleh Cik Ti tapi oleh si Puteri bertuah untuk dijadikan selimut!!!!!

Kuih raya hasil tangan sibuk Nuriel......yang tak berbentuk lagi tu.....yang dah lawa tu org lain buat ya......:)

Okay....akhir kata....Selamat Hari Raya.....Maaf Zahir Batin ya....kepada semua yang berkunjung dan menjenguk blog ini.....manalah tahu, ada kata2 yang menyinggung rasa ke....:).....Jika anda ke Penang, sila jenguk ke teratak bonda saya.....saya punya teratak, belum ada lagi...hikhikhik

Monday, September 6, 2010

Table Runner-ku

Salam ya....:)....

Di Bulan Ramadhan ni memanglah saya kena akui, jarang betul up-dated blog. Walaupun aktiviti menjahit bersama Cik Nina tetap saya teruskan seperti biasa, tetapi nak mengambil gambar dan meng-up-load kat sini, memang terasa kemalasannya.

Okay, baru-baru ini, saya ada potongkan kain, berkeping-keping, pelbagai warna dan corak. Tujuan asalnya untuk buatkan table runner bagi meja kopi ibunda yang akan digunakan dipagi raya (ini niat asal tau...). Kemudiannya, saya pun menempahlah batting dari Pondokcraft sebab stok yang ada tu memang dah tinggal sikit dan kecil sahaja saiznya (saya nikan malas nak menyambung-menyambung nih..:).... Alkisahnya pada satu hari tu, sebaik sahaja saya balik kerja, sekali tengok coffe table ibunda dah tak ada!!!! Misteri....... rupa-rupanya, bondaku yang tercinta ini telah pun menghadiahkan cucu kesayangannya coffe table ni untuk si cucu yang bertuah letak barang-barang dan buku sekolahnya.....????. Boleh pula Tok Timah ni melepaskan perabot jati yang beria-ia suruh En. Suaminya membeli pada satu masa dahulu...inilah namanya penangan cucu ni...:)

Oleh itu, pelari meja (atau table runner) ini tidak lagi berfungsi di meja kopi, sebaliknya di meja makan....hahahaha...nak panggil dia sebagai apa erk?....apo2 jo lah......janji ado....

Coz I'm a petals patcher.....abisss semua jenis petals tu ku patched kat sini....

Comot je.....tapi katalah comey....hukhukhukhuk

Boleh pula si cucu bertuah tu nak ambik buat selimut dia....isk3.....tak kena betul nih....semuanya dia nak....hukhukhuk

Okay....dah nak raya lagi dua, tiga hari......hah...sesuatu akan kemari......tunggu.......:)