Sunday, September 19, 2010

Enjoy the cheerful of childhood

Today is Sunday....Not a working day even I have to and trying to make it as a day for my family. Hmmm.....just stay at home, shopping at wet market with mom, working with 'my Nina', cooking and facebooking and blogging too. Nothing much to updated, just a simple routine for a simple family like us. However, I'm really enjoy it because not often I could enjoy cooking for family lately. Me, not only enjoy cooking and spending more time with my princess but also enjoy the cheerful of my latest completed case. Why? Because I'm using the Circle in Square Fabric design by Keiko Goke that reminded me more about my childhood. Circle and square....and crayon.....:).

More info about this case? Please go to my gallery.....and my Giveaway is still far away from the closing date, please have a visit here too.

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