Sunday, September 26, 2010

September is going to be end, October will be coming soon. The time passing by so fast, Nuriel is going to be 5 years old next month. Recently, I'm so busy with all new project at the office. I wish I could have more time to spend with her and my Nina of course. While waiting for little princess to wake-up this morning, I'm workout on my new sling bag, it's doesn't complete yet. I just put on the petals there and this is how i think it will look as.

I've promised to her, we will going for a simple and short picnic at Botanical Garden. So, she slept early last night to make sure she will wake-up early today. Actually, I'm having a site visit at Waterfall and I'm taking this opportunity to bring her along. She was very happy, enjoy herself there. Jogging around, share her food with monkeys and eat ice-cream! happy she is:

'I'm ready mama......hehehehe.....I want to bring along this bottle with me.....'

Only junk food....Doesn't have enough time to prepare nasi lemak.

Running around. She called it as 'jogging'.


Take a break

Buy Ice-cream

Tired.....prepare to go home.....bye


  1. looks like shes having a good time ... my parents used to take me to Tanjung Bunga years many many years ago .... berpuluh tahun .. pada zaman dahulu (hahaha just to stress how long ago) ....

    ada lagi ka waterfall kat situ ..? buleh mandi tak ?

  2. .....saya pun dah lama tak pergi sana sebenarnya. Tapi bila site kerja kat situ, teringat nak bawa anak pergi sana. Waterfall masih ada. Tapi org ramai tak boleh masuk. Nanti saya upload gambar. Sungai saja yang masih ada....untuk org ramai. tapi airnya dah tak banyak....boleh la takat budak2 nak mandi, dewasa tak digalakkan....hahaha