Saturday, January 2, 2010

Its New Year!!!

Actually I'm totally a carrier women....workaholic and loves my job. I've don't ever stop working since my graduation day. I'm working with a government agencies, love my job (through this i could help some of muslim friends)....most of my day at the office and i left behind my social life. I've being with this agencies for 6 years and I give my full commitment to this job.

However, one day my little princess came to me and asked, "mama dah tak sayangkan adik ke? Asyik kerja saja..". My tears dropped (inside my heart). My star not so bright like others people that lucky enough in their life. I've to make a choice in every part of my life. I'm not the one who can get everything I'm asking for. Therefore, I'm quit from that job. My little princess is the most important thing in this world, she's my precious. Working with that agencies, need me to give full commitment and attention. While I'm taking this decision, everybody doubt and some of the think I'm crazy enough. How can i support my life, my daughter without monthly salary???? I just smile and told them, "ulat dalam batu pun boleh hidup, inikan kita yang mampu carik makan ni...". I'm not trying to 'cakap besar', but i really believe, god will show me the way. Insyaallah.

In this New Year 2010, I will try something new in my life, something different. Everything is just for you my princess Nuriel Izzah. Mama, love u sooooo much.

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