Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Shopping Handbag

This is the story-mory bout yesterday. Actually I'm on MC (having some fever), however dah jenis tak boleh dok diam ni, go for shopping!!! Before mums also complaining about my handbag. "Berat macam batu"....huhuhu, why huhh? Inside my handbag should be:
1) My Big wallet.....hehehe, all the shopping cards, credit card, atm's card...and others card including the RM and also few months banks slip and etc;
2) My make-up pouch;
3) Pen;
4) Bills;
5) Hand sanitizer;
6) Sweets;
7) Hand phone.

Asyik2 shopping with all my hand full with shopping stuff, I can feel it, 'tuusss', my handbag is falling down to the floor. Argghhh, my hand bag. Luckily, in the Giant's Store that time. The hand bag's strap is broken and the one and only witness is the guard.....hehehehe....That handbag was bought last year at Perangin Mall (I tawaf seluruh Perangin Mall untuk dapatkan bag tu..). And so sad to tell u that the the broken day also located at Perangin Mall Shopping Complex...Do you think the defect is cause by the low quality of that strap material or the overloaded capacity??

Hmm....therefore, I have to make my new tote bag that suitable for shopping purpose. Monday to Wednesday is the day without plastic bag. This tote bag should enough to carry some stuff when i do little shopping on that day...hehehe....(overloaded + extra overloaded I think...).

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