Tuesday, October 5, 2010

And The "Winners" is..........

Announcement, the winners........hehehehe

Okay, just finish my blogwalking tour, 4 hour without rest...:). The total participation: 33

1st Giveaway - Little Bunny Mini Tote Bag goes to:

2nd Giveaway - Heavy Green Flex Pouch goes to:

That 2 winners picked by Nuriel, our birthday girl. After few hour of blogwalking, read and considering everything, the most important thing is........creativity. This 2 entry has been shortlisted by me:



And till now....I can't make any decision..... the surprised giveaway is:

A tote bag.....which I named it as, 'Dear My Friend-tote bag'. The detail of it, will be uploaded to My Gallery tomorrow. Basically, it's very simple tote bag using combination of 2 kind of printed cotton linen for the exterior.

So.......the winner is...................

But, Nil please don't be upset. I'll give you a gift too...which I've picked from my little gallery. Have a look here for the gift. What you have to do, just leave a comment, which one you want to be yours....:). Okay?

All the winners please email me the full detail of you to my email address. So, I can arrange for the the next action. Hehehehe...

Hopefully, everybody enjoy with this giveaway....and next entry will be all about Nuriel's Birthday.....:)


  1. Alhamdulillah ;) dapat hadiah jugak.. rezeki akhir syawal nie :D hehe, thanks mama nuriel..
    opss , nil plih yg Red k.. n nil dah emel detail.. Thanks again!

  2. tahniah pada semua pemenang,
    cantik beg tu

  3. Alhamdulillah..rezeki lg no 2:) thanks yer puan akan emelkan butir2 nye :)

  4. tahniah pada yang menang...

    kalo org tak menang nie boleh pilih barang yang mane?

  5. sorry... salah paham...

  6. thanks for selecting me as one of the winners :)

    i've emailed u my details just now

    congrats to all winners too :)

  7. Alhamdulillah. Thanks Fieda coz pilih kami.
    Suka nyer tote bag dear dear my friend tu.. TQVVM! Kami dah email.

  8. Pada yang berjaya kali ini, tahniah ya...yang tidak tu...nanti cuba lagi.... doakan bagi saya murah rezeki....dipanjangkan usia....adalah lagi GA macam ni....:)....

  9. ohh tidak menang .....hiks

    Congrats to all the winners !!

  10. tahniah kpd semua pemennag.. special utk suzi & momma Mia...