Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's Nuriel's Birthday

...what was going on yesterday??? It's Nuriel's Birthday. Happy Birthday my dear....

She's going 5. Due to her birthday was on her school day, we celebrate her getting bigger with a little and humble Birthday Party at her kindergarden. On the menu:

Birthday Cake With Mango filling
Cupcake with Orange filling

Everybody love the birthday cake, so, a lot of thanks to shanajbakery for adding extra happiness to this party..:)

The cakes

Nuriel with her kinder garden uniform

Friends and teacher

The birthday girl...supprise...:)

Yeahh....a super-bicycle

This is really touch my feeling....sleep with her 'early birthday gift'.

p/s: All the gift will be post by next week. Insyaallah.... All the winner please give me your full info via my email ya....:)


  1. happy bday nuriel :) the bday cake is so lovely :)
    and the last pic is kind of touching...

  2. Heppy Bufday Nuriel!!
    Semoga ceria selalu, Sihat selalu & dimurahkan rezeki selalu. Amin!!

  3. mama zharfan: yup.....terharu betul...

    momma mia: Insyaallah.....saya pun harap begitu.....