Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nuriel' artwork

Yesterday was a very blessed Sunday. Me and Nuriel just stay at home and do some revision on few subject. Today, she will have an exam for B. Melayu and B. Arab . After the revision, as promised, we have a little fun with playing 'masak-masak' and color experiment. She really enjoy to play with all the color.

Nuriel trying her very best to produce an artwork using the finger

"Tadaaa......This is a tree mama....."....:)

Okay, back to my Giveaway Winner, Miss Nyl, I've received all your particular. There is a bonus gift for you too, a key holder. It also can be use as you pouch handle. I'm hoping you will like it.

'The flower is red'

As a handle to the pouch

As a key holder

Nuriel got fever and this week is an exam week. Wish her to get well soon, so she can do her best for the exam.


  1. wahh ada tambahan hadiah lg.. seronoknya nyl! :D
    Thanks akak~ baik ht sgt! ^_^

  2. hadiah kecik je....:)..harap sukalah ye...:)

  3. cantik art creative cam mama dia juga