Saturday, October 23, 2010

Make your own make-up pouch-HOW TO?

Make your own make-up pouch! How to???...

I've make one yesterday, for my own used. So, today,I'm going to share how to do your own make-up pouch. The basic item should be used for this project:

1) 2 piece of printed cotton fabric. You can use 2 different design of cotton if you want, or cotton linen for the exterior fabric. Size is up to you, but mine is 6" x 18".
2) 1 Piece of interfacing (stabilizer) at the same size of the fabric
3) Zipper. I'm using 6" size

That's all. The others accessories is up to your own choice and needed. How to? This is the way:

First of all, you need to iron the interfacing on your exterior fabric. If you want it to be harder and maintain the shape, you can use a thicker interfacing or apply on both fabric (internal and external).

Then you have to put together the fabric facing the right side at the inside and sewn around the fabric perimeter. Make sure you allowed an opening for fabric to be turned around. After finish, turn the fabric to the right side.

After turning, please iron you fabric.

Adjusted the location of zipper. Mine is 2" from the top and place the pin to hold location of the zipper.

At the same time, fold the bottom edge of the pouch into (please refer the next photo) at 1" of measurement. You can fold more than 1" if you using bigger size fabric. Place the pin to hold the shape.

Then, just sewn both of the side edge.

Turn the fabric through the zipper and it's done..... it is, my new handmade make-up pouch. Easy way to make your own too. You can put a little accesories such as button or label. You may sewn a handle if needed.

The inside view. This is pocket less make-up pouch.

Opened for Q & A...:)

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