Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mama's Little Girl Bottle Holder

Happy Sunday everybody. Hope for a bless and very good weekend.

Do you work for anything today? I'm working on this bottle holder which I'm named it as, 'Mama's Little Girl Bottle Holder'. Bottle holder, bottle bag? hmm....what so ever....just named it. Sewing it is quite easy, you can have a look on the tutorial here.

This 'Mama's Little Girl' the series is specially made and not for sale. Actually, this is a gift to both of my little girl. One for Nuriel and another one is for Nuriel's cousin, Izzah. Both of them going to celebrate their birthday soon. Nuriel's on 5th and Izzah by 4th October. So, I've make the bottle holder using the printed cotton fabric combined with cotton linen. Finished with buttoned yo-yo flower using checkered and polka-dot cotton linen and their name too.

Really hope, Izzah going to like it. But I'm really sure the handle is to long for her and need to be sling by all the time until she getting a little bit taller.

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