Sunday, October 31, 2010

Things to be up-dated soon.....

Okay...the weekend will be away in just few minutes. Nothing much can be done in a day time. Spending some time updating my blog, face-booking and blog-walking to do some online shopping and finished up some pending creation, soo many thing to be done since I'm coming back from KL.

Don't you remember the couple pillow I've made as a 'wedding give'? If not, please have a look here. Now, I'm started to produce more couple pillow for my gallery. Since the school holiday is just around the corner, many invitation to the wedding ceremony has reaching our postbox. If you are facing the problem on what you should bring along as a gift to the ceremony, please have a visit on my little gallery by end of this week. A lot of thing going to be up-dated. At a glance, here is some of the item will be up-dated:

The couple pillow- I named it as Midnight coz it really dark with a little red heart together with lace and tiny red button.

Place mat- The Green Day. It come in a set of four pieces. Can be used to add a custom touch to the kitchen.

As usual, little thing always make me happy. The parcel from Giffy has reach my door few days ago while i was in KL. It full of button and ribbon that I will use for my next project.

My Little Princess with her Mama's Little Girl Bottle Holder.

The princess with Grand Season entrance.

Till meet again. Happy 'Monday' everyone....:)

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