Friday, November 19, 2010

Buttercream and strawberry for her day....:)

How should I describe today? It's gloomy. Hmm...should I just stay at home?

But, today is my best friend wedding. Attendance is a must (as her told me early this morning...). After waiting for so long, at last she decided to get married and end-up her single status. Therefore, last night I've complete another set of place mat and coasters for her. As a gift from me to add a sweetness in her new days coming. Again, I'm using the pink and brown medallion printed cotton combined with polka-dot in cream. The cream and pink, hopefully it can be as sweet as butter-cream and strawberry for her day.

Then, I've made my own greeting card. Only a simple design using combination of cream color fancy card, polka-dot ribbon in pink and a love shape from scrap magazine. Another simple thing for her....:)

The L.O.V.E is ticking on her wedding day. Wish it will last forever....:)

* Add

The bride and her comment through sms: 'Cantik gift hang....Kalau hang tak kerja pun tak pa, buat benda ni ja....'


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