Sunday, November 14, 2010

Up-dating: Little house project by the seaside

Missing in action for few days? Nope, just a day okay. Remoting myself somewhere and enjoy the breeze of the sea. Previously, I'm promise to upload more info about my little house project, please have a visit here to have more detail. More and more will be up-load later, me:still in holiday mode. Hmmm...

The little house project...

Here some picture that I've snap there, to share with all the readers:

Nuriel at the pool...

Working so hard at the beach!!

Everybody enjoy the moment....relax

Presenting the special menu today, The Seashell in the Sand Toping by Chef Nuriel... ghegheghe

Lalalala....dinner time


...and mama? Enjoy sewing by the seaside at the seashore.......still working on the little house project.

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