Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nuriel's artwork.....

When my little princess saw me doing paper cutting and create a greeting card this morning, she would like to make one for her friend too. tonight we spend sometime together to make a handmade multi-used envelope. See, how hard she try to make one, of course with extra guide and some helping hand from me.

Sticking process


Final touch-up

Hahahaha...the end product. Ignore some testing 'N' made by Tok Timah.

Lately, I'm addicted to black, red and white. Me: Happy to have the beads in that color and will used it for the next project. Hmmm....:)


  1. wah, cun le the card. Like mother like daughter...

  2. hehehehe...mau kembang kuncup hidung Nuriel klu dia tau ada org puji kad dia cun nih....:)...tq