Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Please, please, please...the sun shine brightly

Nothing much to up-dated on this 'Hari Raya Aldiladha Eve'. Going to close the Petals Patch Workstation for 2 days. We are having our family trip to somewhere around Malaysia. Guess where we are going???

Okay, got to go. A glance on my last product of the day. It has been washed and need to be iron before delivery can be made. Please, please, please..... the sun shine brightly and my red petals will blooming..... But I can see the 'Raining Tree' is on their way.......waaaaa.....



  1. selamat cuti2 malaysia..
    harap bunga akak yang merah berseri sedang mekar di sana.. :)

  2. kehkehkeh...baru balik....seronok tgk mekar berseri2....hehehehe...yang empunyanya nak terbang lagi 2 hari, jadi nak bagi esok...huhuhu...tu yang risau lebih tu...:)